Adrian Turcsan  digital marketer

Adrian is a digital marketing consultant with a background in search engine marketing. He is passionate about attracting visitors from organic channels and converting them to customers.
Adrian publishes here about SEO and inbound marketing.

Extensive Industry Experience

15 years of performance marketing experience working with Omnicom Media Group, Bruce Clay, iProspect, and other digital marketing agencies

Marketing Strategy Development

Helping brands define and develop practical digital strategies that work in the toughest markets and competitive environments

Education & Coaching

Passion for teaching online strategies and tools best suited for business growth

Adrian Turcsan

Adrian Turcsan

Digital Marketing Expert

“With over 15 years of SEO and digital marketing experience I now help small and medium businesses around the world to succeed in digital marketing.”


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A professional audit will help you see how your website is performing and where it needs optimisation and tuning to be SEO-friendly.

Digital Marketing Consultancy

Regular web-based sessions will help implement recommendations from the audit and carry out SEO strategies for your marketing team.

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