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Transition your business to inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is a new marketing concept that involves helping your customers naturally find your business via content that you put out there for them. The key difference from traditional marketing is the way how the user meets your brand. In traditional marketing, you need to interrupt their experience to catch their attention, whilst inbound marketing attracts them to you naturally, when they actually need your products or services.

Be organic, be natural.

Why do I like inbound marketing? Nobody likes to be interrupted in our daily life, yet we are used to being bombarded by spam emails, pop-up ads, paid ads in our social feed, etc. In the world of traditional paid advertising, our data is being collected, stolen, traded and used to target us in various formats and locations.

Inbound is a set of online marketing channels that consist of organic traffic channels, such as SEO, content marketing, opt-in emails and organic social media.

Your business can stand out by focusing marketing efforts to create really valuable content, that actually serves the user. This content can be educational, entertaining, or otherwise extremely useful. This is the start of the inbound process. It helps to gain website traffic and new customers without having to pay for ads.